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Who is Fit Tribe Bryn Mawr?

A Resource for Anyone and Everyone No Matter Your Fitness Level

We are a tribe devoted to supporting one another to become fit, healthy and transform one's bodies. We are made up of coaches that care about helping you attain your goals, physically and/or nutritionally, all while providing you with a comfortable & fun environment to workout in!

We are a High Intensity Interval Training studio that specializes in group personal training as well as offering one-on-one personal training. Our top industry coaches coach with attention to detail on form resulting in less injuries and maximizing your results within the 30 minute workout. Our, scientifically backed, workouts are designed to boost your metabolism and get you the results you want all while keeping your workouts fresh & new. Your body can't get used to something if it's never the same twice!

Now come get your sweat on at Bryn Mawr's ONLY 100% GUARANTEED fitness and fat loss solution that have the results to back it up!! 

Meet The Team

Jon Roh


Jon has over 15 years of coaching experience and changing people's lives.  Personally being 15 years+ in recovery, Jon  genuinely understands struggles and the importance of mindset which is why this is his true help others overcome hardships and obstacles just like he has.


Famous Quote: No Struggle No Strength


Christina Maddox

Manager/Virtual Coach


Sehee Park


Sehee graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Athletic Training and has over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is an advocate for the belief that a commitment to  improving one's health can truly improve every facet of life. 

He trains people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. 

His specialty is pain management, mobility deficiencies, weight loss, and functional fitness.


Famous Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!


Greg Hamm

Youth Athlete Coach

Over the past 14 years, Greg has helped hundreds of amateur and professional athletes improve their performance in all level of sports. His specialty is helping young athletes of all ages gain confidence and achieve their goals, from making the JV team to getting signed to a Division 1 school. Greg is CSCS and NSCA certified. 


Famous Quote: 

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One of Philly's Top 5 Express Workouts

Courtesy of ABC 6: FYI Philly

Besides seeing real results from our members, one of our biggest accomplishments has been the privilege of being featured on FYI Philly in their "Lunchtime Express Workouts around Philadelphia" segment. We could not have been featured in the Top 5 Express Workouts in Philadelphia without our dedicated members. 


For that, we thank you.